Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

Nu-Voice provides you with a single point of contact for all your installation requirements. Nu -Voice provides revolutionary business technology systems to our clients around the country. Not only do we design, install, and provide training for these systems, Nu-Voice also provides the highest level of support in the industry to ensure your investment is properly maintained. Whether you require a single cable drop, emergency service, full premise wiring, or a complete voice and data system installation throughout the United States Nu-Voice will work with your team, your schedule, and your budget by providing a single-source solution to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget allowances.

Minimized internal project management responsibilities and cost

Nu-Voice takes on all related responsibilities and offers a single point of contact for overall project status updates.

Reduced project deployment time and costs

We can provide multiple services in one “truck roll”.

Reliable and consistent performance

After performing a pilot project, we assure each installation is performed in a consistent and uniform manner. We assume 100% responsibilty for performance and work liability.

Total material logistics and coordination

We ensure that preferred manufacturers’ products are installed and all customer requirements and specifications are met.

Comprehensive project management

Our customized processes produce timely and precise progress reports and escalation paths ensuring milestones and deadlines are exceed.

Centralized project management teams

Dedicated teams maintain detailed knowledge of each customer’s requirements.

Streamlined, time-saving communications

Our processes and controls assure that communications are streamlined and effective.

Uniform billing and accounting

Our processes will simplify your project cost management. Standardized record keeping: we reduce your time spent managing moves, adds, and changes.

Proven Track Record

Our years of experience managing complex projects provide peace of mind and the assurance of successful rollout.

Complete Rollout Coordination

Handled by a single point of contact on the Nu-Voice project management team, your entire technology rollout will be managed, controlled and coordinated from beginning to end. This includes:

Comprehensive logistics support.
Complete planning, scheduling and tracking of project resources.
Ongoing data collection and oversight of the project process including quality assurance. 

Site Surveys

Nu-Voice can provide complete site surveys to verify physical requirements and identify any unique characteristics of the project.

Cabling installations

Complete installation of structured cabling “from the desktop to the DMARC”.

Category 3,5,6, & 7 Cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling

Complete MDF and IDF Build Outs

Installation of Data Racks & Patch Panels

Security Camera Cabling

Equipment installations:

•Telephone: PBX / VOIP business systems
•Paging and background music systems
•POS devices
•Security and CCTV systems
•Fire alarms, wireless / WiFi solutions,
•Digital signage
•Computers / PC’s, printers
•Kiosks, ATMs

Moves / Adds / Changes

Over the course of an installations life cycle there will always be needs for changes, moves, or break/fix type of work. Nu-Voice provides a complete solution that is able to handle everything from your cable installation to equipment maintenance. Our service can range from taking care of a single location to handling thousands of locations nationally.