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Moving a Phone System

Moving a phone/data system involves a number of considerations. We will come to your existing location, and document the system configuration that you currently have while identifying any issues that you might know of prior to moving your existing system.

We then visit the new location to determine the following:

  • Where the phone system will be re-installed, such as a separate telephone system wiring room in another part of the building, or within the suite itself.
  • We will check to make sure there is sufficient power and enough power outlets available to power up the system.
  • Whether there is sufficient ventilation to prevent the telephone system from overheating.
  • Whether there will be a need to run new cable and/or new jacks to the desk locations within your new office space. We also have the ability to run Cat5E and Cat6 data network cable if needed.
  • If there are existing phone jacks on the wall, we will need to determine if the jacks are wired correctly to match the requirements for your phone system.
  • We will re-program your phone system at the new location.
  • We can upgrade your current phone¬†system with additional equipment and new phones if necessary.

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