Verge 9308 Front Angled_HR_SM_800
Verge 9312 Front Angled_HR_SM_800Verge 9308 Front Angled_HR_SM_800Verge 9308 Front Angled_HR_SM_800

Allworx – Verge

With a Verge IP phone on your desk and Allworx ReachTM app on your favorite

mobile devices, you can talk in the office or on the go. Without missing a beat.



Verge 9312

• 12 self-labeling programmable function buttons.

• 4.3″ color display.

• Bluetooth support.

• Supports up to three

Verge 9318Ex



Verge 9308

• 8 self-labeling programmable function buttons.

• 3.5″ color display.


Verge 9318Ex Expander

• 18 self-labeling programmable function buttons.

• 4.3″ color display.


Mobility Integration Highlights

 Real-time sharing of contacts across mobile

devices (via Reach), Outlook (via Interact

Professional), and Verge IP phone.1,2,3

 Instant handoff of active calls to and from your

mobile device and Verge IP phone (via Reach).1,3

 Remote control of Verge IP phone using your

mobile device (via Reach).1,3

 Bluetooth® hands-free for receiving and placing

cellular calls on your Verge IP phone (available

on the Verge 9312 model only).1

Other Highlights

 Self-labeling programmable function buttons.

 Contextual soft keys.

 Color display.

 Full duplex speakerphone.

 HD audio.

 Built-in four-way conferencing.

 Visual ring indicator.

 Gigabit Ethernet.

 Integrated network switch with port mirroring.

 Power over Ethernet (PoE).