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NEC DSX-80/160


Innovation starts with the new ergonomically styled DSX telephones. All models feature the same thin, floating design, two-position angle adjustment for effortless viewing of the large LCD display, and built-in wall mounting. Advanced features and intuitive soft keys provide users with one-button access to extensions, lines and system features. With many models to choose from, each user can enjoy customized service and performance.


The DSX features a family of telephones that sets the new standard in office communications.

  • All models include:
    • 10 One-Touch Speed Dial Keys
    • Dual Color Red/Green LEDs
    • Built-in Speakerphone
    • Built-in headset jack
  • Enhanced models include a back-lit LCD display and illuminated keypad.

Innovations continue with the DSX system. Right out of the box, the DSX has built-in Automated Attendant which answers incoming calls, plays a greeting, and allows callers to directly dial extensions and departments without operator assistance or additional equipment.

Over a decade of rigorous feature development ensures that the core DSX call processing features are mature, efficient and reliable — yet intuitive and easy to use. Combined with end-to-end quality assurance and state-of-the-art circuit design, the DSX will be your reliable business partner for years to come.

NEC DSX from NEC takes the lead with state-of-the-art innovations sure to make your business communications more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable.

Innovation starts with the new sleek DSX telephones. All models feature the same thin, floating design, two position angle adjustment for effortless viewing, and built in wall mounting. The 22-Button Display offers a large 3-line-by-24-character display, four interactive soft keys , and a built-in wall mounting. The 34-Button Display is enhanced with a backlit display and illuminated dial pad (for improved low light viewing), as well as additional feature keys

Innovations don’t stop with the DSX telephones. Right out of the box the system has a two port Automated Attendant with no optional equipment required. The capability for full-featured IntraMail Voice Mail with Automated Attendant is inherent in the system and only requires an IntraMail flash card to activate. Program in-site from the telephone or from a PC connected to the system’s ethernet or USB port. PC remote programming is available through the ethernet port or an optional DSP-based modem.

NEC designed the DSX from the ground up with affordablity in mind. Economy per port is maximized by high-density circuitry. All DSX telephones have a speakerphone and display for increased functionality and total lower station cost. Native support for ISDN PRI and T1 provides maximum connectivity for low initial investment.